Thurghom was an outcast orc druid who guarded an ancient portal on the Sea of Moving Ice.[1]


Thurghom dressed in magic rhino hide and carried a large magic shield of wood. He often fought with a flame blade, which he created with his druidic magic.[2]


Thurghom was a powerful druid, having the powers and abilities typical of such persons, including the ability to change his appearance and form. The most powerful spell he could cast was sunbeam. His strength and his wisdom were his greatest assets.[2]


Thurghom had acquired a large selection of magical items, among them a periapt of wisdom, a wilding clasp, boots of the winterlands, and a dusty rose ioun stone.[2]


Thrughom guarded a sinkhole that he discovered as a youth, believing it to be a sacred site. He worshiped from a distance, never touching the stone pillars surrounding the hole. Occasionally, he would offer a living sacrifice to the "great spirit" within by tossing a creature into the pit.[1]


Thurghom had befriended a dire polar bear, which he named Bahgkôm, who served as his faithful animal companion.[2]


As a young orcling, Thurghom discovered a sinkhole in the ice surrounded by standing stones, and he heard a mysterious voice speak to him from the hole. The voice charged him with guarding it. Thurghom did so, growing up to believe that his druidic powers had been granted him by a great spirit living within the hole. Thurghom was exiled from his tribe on the Sea of Moving Ice and dedicated his life to guarding the sacred site with his only companion, Bahgkôm.[1]

In truth, Thurghom guarded a portal from the lost giant city of Karffbadh to Choshein. The voice of the "great spirit" that Thurghom worshiped was in fact that of the last Prince of Jhothûn.[3]


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