Thylius Caramitru was a minor noble in Mulmaster.


Thylius was extremely charismatic. His main joy was manipulating others to do his bidding. As a dilettante, he had studied a little of everything, but his favorite subject was herbalism.


Like his father, Thylius had some psionic abilities.


Thylius was the son of Julios Caramitru and Korona Caramitru, two minor nobles working in the city's bureaucracy.

In 1491 DR, after a trip to the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, he said he had learned the new meditation technique of the Yellow Breath. Thylius soon had his first disciple in the young Riasa Yegorovna. They gave a demonstration during a party housed by Astrid Saj and Rosealine Culkin to honor Aleyd Burral, the Resurrected Hero of Phlan. [2] In truth he kidnapped a monk, Ovon, that he had befriend at the monastery and forced him to teach to he the secret of Yellow Breath. Thylius want use this lore to create a cult to himself among young noble scions and rise the rank of the city's power. He gathered some young noble in the Yellow Breath Chapter House. However an adventuring party hired to found the missing young nobles at last confronted and defeated him. [3]




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