Tiefling warfiends are tiefling fighters who use their fiendish blood as a force for power. While many tiefling view their ancestry as a curse, tiefling warfiends learn to turn this dark "taint" into a source of brutal power, either for good or evil. These powerful warriors are deadly adversaries, consuming the energy of their foes and immersing their weapons in flame.[1]

At their most basic levels, tiefling warfiends use their dark desires and emotions as well as their aptitude for flame to fuel lethal attacks. The diabolic bloodline of tieflings suits this methodology better, but all tieflings can take on the path of a tiefling warfiend and have throughout history. The first tiefling warfiends served Narfell[2] as elite soldiers and some tiefling warfiends acquire their abilities through training by adherents to the empire's ancient traditions, but more than a few so without guidance. Whatever a warfiend's origin, it is up to the individual to use the powers of their path for good or evil, some choosing to use their abilities for sheer destruction while others mean only to channel their negative emotions into a more constructive purpose.[1]


Like similar paths for other races, tiefling warfiends learn to unleash internal potential through physical training. As a result tiefling warfiends have a higher potential for destructive rage than most of their race, as well as an increased tolerance for and control over flame. Experienced warfiends literally scorch their enemies, manifesting flaming attacks at every opportunity.[1]

Two of the three tiefling warfiend exploits are focused on the use of flame as well, with the lethality of the attack increasing if the tiefling warfiend is feeling particularly wrathful. With burning wrath smite a tiefling warfiend can even set their enemies aflame. Tiefling warfiends also learn to use the infernal resurgence technique, which allows the warfiend to consume a portion of the defeated foe's soul in order to regain their health and courage.[1]


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