Tiglath was the high priestess of Tiamat in Unther by 1357 DR, and again from 1374 DR onward.


Once, Tiglath was a member of Gilgeam's harem.[1]

In 1358 DR, during the Godswar, she helped Tiamat gain another avatar and witnessed the battle between Gilgeam and her goddess. However, afterward, Tiglath disappeared.

At one point, however, she resurfaced in Messemprar. After Mulhorand's invasion, Tiglath regained her position as high priestess and in 1374 DR she was the most powerful religious leader in free Unther.[2]


Often, she went into Eastern Shaar to coordinate with the bandit leader Furifax.[1]


Tiglath's goal was to destroy Gilgeam and his church and Tiamat was only a means to an end.[3] She was filled with hatred and vengeance but was not an evil woman, a fact that concerned her goddess.[1] After the Godswar, her new objective was to create a united church of Tiamat.[2]


Tiglath was good friends with Furifax for many years.[1]



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