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Tim Eagon is an freelance writer who's worked on several Dungeons & Dragons publications, most notably articles in Dragon magazine and Dungeon magazine.


Only titles relevant to this wiki are listed here.

Dragon MagazineEdit

  • Dragon #390 Winning Races: Eladrin (August 2010)
  • Dragon #397 Power Play: Arcane. Familiars of Athas (March 2011)
  • Dragon #404 Playtest: Ecology of the Hengeyokai (October 2011)
  • Dragon #405 Class Acts: Swordmage. The Winterguard of Cendriane (November 2011)
  • Dragon #418 Bestiary: Ye Olde Creature Catalogue (December 2012)
  • Dragon #420 Court of Stars: Thrumbolg, First Lord of Mag Tureah (February 2013)
  • Dragon #426 Character Theme: The Inquisitive (August 2013)
  • Dragon #428 Codex of Betrayal: Amon the Wolf (October 2013)
  • Dragon #430 Ecology of the Kruthik (December 2013)

Dungeon MagazineEdit


External LinksEdit


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