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Tintageer was the capital of an ancient gold elven realm in the Faerie. It was an island that boasted one of the most wondrous and populous civilizations in all of Faerie. After some kind of war it was threatened by a tremendous flood created by magical powers. Many inhabitants of Tintageer were already dead, when the flood reached the shore. Only 100 survivors followed the last surviving heir to the throne, prince Durothil to the top of a nearby hill. There, Bonnalurie, the last priestess of Angharradh, helped to create a portal and sacrificed herself in the process of controlling the High Magic. Only fifty elves made it through the portal which led them to Faerûn. With them came prince Durothil and the moon elf Sharlario Moonflower, who became one of the ancestors of all moon elves and the founder of the Moonflower clan.[1]

The elves from Tintageer defeated the red wyrm Mahatnartorian, making themselves a realm in northern Faerûn.[2]


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