Tiztor the Great was a male human wizard from Mulmaster in the Moonsea area in the 14th century DR.[1]


Tiztor was obsessed with discovering the secret of the Thunder Stone, a monolith that stood at the center of the town of Thunderstone in Cormyr. Although all spells of detection had reported it to bear no magic, and it exhibited no clear powers bar being said to be lucky, Tiztor was certain it was actually magical. He believed that if the correct command word was spoken, then the Stone's power would be activated, but he did not know the word could be.[1]


In the late 1360s DR, Tiztor made a brief visit to Thunderstone in order to study the eponymous stone. He had a few hypotheses about it to test out, following which he planned to teleport back to Mulmaster.[1] He was willing to hire adventurers for a fact-finding mission in town, though such inquisitiveness was likely to aggravate the local Purple Dragons contingent.[2]


Tiztor the Great was ambitious and obsessive, but he was primarily a scholar.[1]


Tiztor owned a staff of the magi, a magical belt of protection, a ring of protection +2, a ring of blinking, a gem of seeing, and a wand of wonder. He got around on a horse.[1]


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