Tleobar T'Enorgh was a former drow adventuress from the Forest of Mir[3], the chosen guardian of the drow settlement of Dallnothax,[1] and an agent of the Twisted Rune.[2]


Tleobar was married to Raaghar T'Enorgh, the ruler of Dallnothax and a priest of Vhaeraun. Together, they worked as key agents for the Twisted Rune.[2]

She despised the Company of Eight and especially their leader Sylvanus Moondrop,[3][1] and had taken a vow to slay each one of them.[1] She planned to drop Sylvanus into the Spiders' Maw, a deep rift below Dallnothax.[1]


Around 1343 DR, Sylvanus Moondrop led a band of elves from the Forest of Tethir and Shilmista to assault Allsihwann, the drow surface enclave where Tleobar lived and utterly destroyed it.[3][1][note 1]

In 1355 DR, Tleobar was an adventuress,[3] and her party was questing in the Forest of Tethir with the intent to slay and rob the gold dragon Garlokantha when they were attacked by the Company of Eight.[3][1] Garlokantha was saved and all of Tleobar's adventuring companions were killed; she was the only survivor. It was then that she recognized Sylvanus Moondrop as the same elf who had led the attack on her former home.[3]

Every ten years, the drow enclaves of Dallnothax, Holldaybim, and Iskasshyoll chose guardians to live on the surface above the settlements and grow accustomed to sunlight so that they could serve as a first line of defense for those cities. In 1370 DR, Tleobar was the selected guard for Dallnothax.[1]



  1. 1.0 1.1 It is implied but not directly stated that Tleobar's former home was Allsihwann. The settlement was the only of the four drow settlements within the Forest of Mir to be destroyed by elves from Shilmista and the Forest of Tethir, and this matches the description of how Tleobar's former home in the Forest of Mir was destroyed. Sylvanus Moondrop was also an elf from the Forest of Tethir.
  2. The Lands of Intrigue boxed set classes her as both an eighth-level and twelfth-level wizard in 1370 DR.


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