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To'Zon was a korobokuru wu jen inhabiting the Rainbow Monastery in Ra-Khati during the mid 14th century DR.[1]


To'Zon stood 4 ft. (1.2 m) tall and had long shaggy hair. [1]


A strong temper and unpredictable nature often spelled trouble for To'Zun.[1]


The Tuigan army forced To'Zon into service when they passed through the region. However, he helped organized a desertion for some of the soldiers, eventually leading them to the Rainbow Monastery.[1]

His wu jen taboo was to never cut his hair or bathe.[1]


To'Zon could cast the following spells: magic missile, invisibility, detect invisible, fire shuriken, haste, protection from normal missiles, and wall of fire.[1]

He could also focus his ki, allowing him to execute sudden bursts of speed that usually caught his opponents off-guard. His ki could also be used to magnify the effects of his spells.[1]


To'Zon wore a pair of bracers of defense.[1]



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