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Tokol was a leader of Kultaka in 1361 DR.


Tokol was one of the four sons of Takamal. After his father's defeat and death at the hands of the Golden Legion, he and his brothers submitted to Cordell. Cordell instead considered them as allies, gaining the absolute loyalty of Tokol.[1]

Later, he led troops at Palul, advising Cordell to be cautious.[2]

During the Night of Wailing he was with his troops in the central square of Nexal when the armies of the Viperhands attacked. He sensed he and his people dead when the legionaries reinforced them, permitting to Tokol and few of his men to escape.[3]

After the Night of Wailing Tokol became the most strenuous ally of Cordell[4]

As of 1362 DR Tokol was the ruler of Kultaka and still the most precious ally of Cordell.[5]



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