Tolgar Anuvien is the impressive and veteran member of the Company of Crazed Venturers along with being the founder of the Goldenfields. It is in this latter endeavor that he believes he is truly doing the work of Chauntea, the goddess whom he venerates. Becoming a very wealthy man after his many years of adventuring, Tolgar has gained great amounts of wealth which he has stored at his house in Waterdeep, the Dripping Dagger inn and with several friends including the palace of Piergeiron.[2]


Tolgar has a particularly quick wit and rather dry sense of humor.[2]


Along with Piergeiron, Tolgar is counted among the friends of Malchor Harpell. He has some of his vast wealth guarded by the Harper in the Tower of Twilight, on the eastern side of the Neverwinter Wood.[2]


Tolgar wields a +3 mace, that he has dubbed Chauntea's Fire and Sword that possesses the ability to unleash fireballs and blade barriers once per day. He also carries dual rings of spell storing.[2]


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