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The Tombs of Deckon Thar were seven cairns loaded with bandit treasure within the Nether Mountains.[2]


The tombs were located on the western slope of the Nether Mountains in a secret canyon north of Silverymoon Pass.[2]


Named for the first leader of the bandit group the Chieftains in Gold, the tombs were legendary. For years, Deckon Thar's raiders attacked merchants between Silverymoon and Sundabar. They grew rich hoarding their ill-gotten gains in a great keep and burying their leaders in dark caves filled with unplundered riches.[2]

The dismembered corpses were discovered, sans loot and equipment, with the message "Disturb not the Mound King" inscribed in their flesh.
  — Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide[1]


Around 1372 DR, the entombed began to stir and rose as wights under the icy rule of Vinjarak the Mound King.[2]


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