Torgrave Needlebaum was the seneschal of Hillsfar in 1491 DR.[2]


Torgrave was the city's seneschal and Head of Household. He also kept the cleanest house of the city. Torgrave knew all gossip in the city and was often consulted for this knowledge.[2] Unkown to many Torgrave was also the Spy Master of the Red Plumes.[3]


During the Rage of Demons in 1491 DR, Torgrave attended the First Lord's Midsummer Masquerade ballet.[2]

He possibly hired as servers an adventuring party (who had been hired by Elanil Elassidil to infiltrate the masquerade without Torgrave's knowledge).[4]

During the visit of the court to Yulash the Harpers discovered his true work and possibly ordered to Harpers-affiliated adventurers to capture him alive.[5]


Torgrave was proud of his clean house. He was friendly and outgoing, living his dream. Torgrave always took care of others' problems.[2]




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