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TorilMUD is one of the oldest and largest free Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs). It is based on the second edition Forgotten Realms AD&D campaign and the DIKU codebase. Over the last decade, TorilMUD has been heavily modified, and gone through several incarnations, culminating in the current feature-rich TorilMUD. The game has over 250 zones, fourteen player races, eighteen classes, and a wide variety of additional features.


The mechanics of TorilMUD lie in the DIKU code, which was created in 1990 at the University of Copenhagen Department of Computer Science.

The DIKU codebase has been one of the primary MUD codebases, modified by thousands of coders for hundreds of MUDs. Kris Kortright, the ultimate authority on TorilMUD for many years, first encountered it through the University of Michigan Computer Club MUD (UMCC MUD).

Following leadership roles on Copper 2 MUD from 1990 to 1992, Kris and some friends created Black Knights MUD, based on the Forgotten Realms games of TSR. The oldest zone on TorilMUD, the Lava Tubes, comes from Copper 2, and the Underworld and Alterian Wilderness zones are from Black Knights.

Kris and some friends moved from Black Knights in 1992 and created Sojourn, the beginning of TorilMUD. The new Sojourn MUD was based on the Sequent codebase (a heavily modified version of DIKU), the Epic spell system, and areas from Black Knight. The City of Waterdeep was the first zone built entirely for Sojourn, and remains the most heavily populated hometown. Brad McQuaid (with Kris’ permission) used it as the model for his city of Waterdeep in the original EverQuest.

Sojourn continued until 1996, when a difference in creative vision among the staff led to a split. This split produced the first Toril and Duris (which also still exists today). Toril continued until 1998, when it became Sojourn 2, and underwent another rebirth in 2001 as Sojourn 3. Kris retired in 2003, and Sojourn 3 was reborn as TorilMUD (or, as the old-time players refer to it, Toril 2). Throughout these rebirths, the areas, code, and playability continue to grow: there are currently three hundred zones (with several more nearing completion), 16,277 types of monsters/mobs, and 13,753 different items.

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