Torin Nomerthal, a First Lord of Hillsfar, was a human who reasserted the Great Laws of Trade and Humanity in Hillsfar in 1487 DR. He was head of a powerful family, known to be outwardly friendly, but secretly shrewd and cunning.


Torin had the following colleagues:

Torin was formerly betrothed to Davon's twin sister, Thessaly Malaeda, but she turned out to be a shapechanged succubus.


Torin was once a commander of the Red Plumes. After Maalthiir's death, Torin formed an alliance made up of Red Plumes, the Hillsfar Mages' Guild, mercenaries, and disloyal Netherese soldiers called the Tower Guard. After Thultanthar fell onto Myth Drannor in 1487, Torin renamed the Tower Guard to the Red Plumes and reenacted Maalthiir's Great Laws.


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