Torio Claven was Luskan's ambassador to Neverwinter and an agent of Black Garius during the Shadow War.


Torio was born in Luskan and wandered the streets of the city earning coppers singing and performing in Luskan alehouses until Black Garius noted her and her talents. Garius used her to spy on his fellow mages of the Hosttower when they went into the streets. As Garius' prestige grew, Torio became an effective weapon, serving as his eyes and ears. Eventually, she was given the position of ambassador to Neverwinter.

Here, Torio was involved in Garius' plan regarding the King of Shadows and the Kalach-Cha. Garius ordered her and Lorne Starling to concoct a plan to have the Kalach-Cha extradited to Luskan and sentence them to low justice in order to prevent further interference. They framed the Kalach-Cha for the massacre of Ember, which was in Luskan territory, and tried to play it as some sort of hate crime. However, the Kalach-Cha unveiled the plot and Torio was captured and disavowed by Luskan as being a member of a rogue faction. She was condemned to death.

Eventually, the Kalach-Cha spared her and used her first as a scout in Crossroad Keep. Later, the Kalach-Cha returned her to Luskan and had her reinstated as their ambassador, and as double agent for Neverwinter.[1]




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