Tormstar the Scarred was an assassin of the Night Masks in 1370 DR and a deep-cover Harper spy.[1]


Tormstar was a ranger living peacefully in Battledale, in the Dalelands, with his wife until a werewolf started terrorizing the dale. Tormstar pursued and tracked the beast and, after a furious fight, destroyed the werewolf, only to discover that the beast was in fact his wife.

Scarred both in mind and body, he abandoned his ranger career and volunteered to join the Night Masks as a deep-cover spy for the Harpers, a suicide mission. He joined the Masks but, to everyone's surprise, he not only survived but also rose through the ranks, finding himself to be a very good assassin. His superiors in Those Who Harp wondered if Tormstar might not enjoy his life in Westgate too much, although he infrequently sent reports to them.[1]



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