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Toroth was a noble family in Zhentil Keep. Around 1258 DR,[1] Manshoon requested the help of this family in order to avenge the death of Harlshoon, his father. This resulted in the destruction of a Toroth villa, although Manshoon was pulled from the rubble and saved by his soon-to-be apprentice Sememmon (known as Malatar Wingstarl at that time).[2]


  1. Harlshoon died in 1258 DR according to p.28 of Ruins of Zhentil Keep (Campaign Book), so this date is based on this information.
  2. George Krashos (July 2007). “Volo's Guide: Renegades of Darkhold”. Dragon #357 (Paizo Publishing, LLC), p. 72.

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