Toss the Dagger was a betting game played in Cormyr.[1]


The game was played indoors over a "throwing area" of moist sand. It also required that an assortment of metal objects—often old armor or broken weapons—be hung from the ceiling over the throwing area.[1]


While its rules differed depending on where it was played, a common variation had the following rules. A blindfolded woman would hold two daggers, and players would bet on whether one, both, or none of the daggers would land in the sand blade down after thrown. After bets were placed, the woman would toss the daggers into the air simultaneously and step quickly back out of harm's way. A valid toss must involve each dagger striking at least one of the hanging metal items.[1]

The game was played until no one else could place any more bets or after an agreed upon series of six, seven, nine, or twelve bets.[1]


This game was especially popular in Cormyr at the Lucky Dragon gambling house in Jester's Green.[1]


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