The Touch of Opening was a ritual used by sha'irs on their gen to grant their familiars the ability to open any item locked by mundane means.[1]


In order for this ritual to succeed the sha'ir needed to acquire a set of pure golden lockpicks worth at least 2,000 dinars. In addition to the monetary demand of this requirement, it was often exceedingly difficult to find a craftsman skilled enough to complete such a task.[1]

The Touch of Opening ritual lasted for 30 hours. If successful, the ritual granted the gen the ability to open any lock unless it was barred by magic. The gen needed only to touch the locked item in question for the lock to open.[1]

It should be noted that sha'irs who performed this ritual on their gen were distrusted by other sha'irs, causing a negative effect upon their station in Zakhara.[1]



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