Touchsickle was a divine magic spell available to druids, specialty priests, and allies of Eldath, the Green Goddess. It transformed the caster's hand into a magical sickle.[1]


Similar to flame blade and ice blade, this spell caused one of the caster's hands to become a magical weapon. For six minutes (longer for more experienced casters), the chosen hand was transformed into a magically sharp wooden sickle that, for comparison purposes, was equivalent to a +2 weapon. Touchsickle did not improve combat skill by any means, but the merest touch of this implement caused a wound identical to being slashed by a non-magical sickle.[1]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[1]


Peacemen and peacewomen of Eldath could only use this spell for non-aggressive purposes or self-defense. For druids, the touchsickle was equivalent to a golden or silver sickle for the purpose of harvesting mistletoe at its greatest potency.[1][2][3]


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