The Tower of Martyrs was an outpost of the great fortress of Sarahin.[1]


The Tower of Martyrs was located deep within the Haunted Lands of Zakhara.[1]


Made entirely of mud bricks, this tower was decorated with carved statues and mosaic designs.[1]

The base of the Tower of Martyrs measured 40 ft. (12m) wide and the tower stood 200 ft. (60m) tall.[1]

The entire tower was solid and had a lone spiral stairway leading to the top.[1]


Saluqi greyhounds were kept in a kennel at the base of the tower. Messenger pigeons were housed in an aviary located at the top.[1]

A trio of wind walkers were bound to the tower, allowing only members of the Everlasting or worshipers of Hajama to reach the top safely. All others climbing the stair were allowed to reach the halfway point before being blown from the tower to plummet to their deaths.[1]

The wind walkers also carried holy slayers away from Sarahin on important missions, usually toward the Free Cities of Zakhara.[1]


The Tower of Martyrs was used by the Everlasting as a lookout point as it offered clear views of the surrounding desert for many miles.[1]



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