The Trade Harbor was located in Huzuz, the City of Delights, along the banks of Al-Sarif River.[1]


This large harbor had enough docks to support 40 galleys or dromonds with an additional 75 cogs. All of the docks were well-maintained to accommodate the constant influx of vessels.[1]


A constant bustle of activity permeated every available space of the Trade Harbor. This section of Huzuz acted like a small city, with many of the thousands of workers never even leaving the area during their lifetimes.[1]

Each incoming ship had their wares assessed by a tax collector to determine the tax to be paid. After paying the tax, the ship was assigned a dock where they could unload their merchandise. Since the Trade Harbor was crammed at times, marids were often used to pull ships to their docks.[1]


Many of the wealthy merchant families employed genies, ogres, and giants to facilitate the movement of trade goods.[1]

Several platoons of the Dauntless Mamluk Society were always present around the docks to maintain security and apprehend thieves for justice.[1]



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