Tranth was the baron of the Barony of Bloodstone in 1357 DR.


Tranth inherited the barony from his father around 1332 DR, just before the kingdom started to fall.[1]

After the Grandfather of Assassins built the local bandits into a powerful army, he agreed to pay tributes to the bandit army in order to spare the villagers' lives. However, when in 1356 DR the bandits also took away as slaves some youths from the village, Tranth decided he needed to fight back. Thus, in 1357 DR, he sent Garlen and Garvin in search of some adventurers to help them.[2]

After Gareth Dragonsbane's party destroyed the bandit army, Tranth granted his daughter Christine Dragonsbane in marriage to Gareth. In 1359 DR, Tranth proposed the creation of the Bloodstone Kingdom, comprising both Vaasa and Damara.[3]


Tranth was related to King Virdin.[3]



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