Traven Blackdagger was the older and more powerful of the Blackdagger Bandits who, together with his brother Malus Blackdagger, raided the High Road.[1]


Malus and Traven were two penniless brothers from Luskan. In the years just after the Spellplague of 1385 DR, they began their bandit careers with only a handful of men, but their ruthlessness and keen eye for opportunity earned them great success. The Blackdagger Bandits, as they were now called, gained some measure of fame, and criminals flocked to join them.[1]

With the rebuilding of Neverwinter and the subsequent increase in trade, the Blackdagger Bandits saw an even greater increase both to their income and to their ranks.[1]

After Neverwinter put a bounty or their heads, the two brothers disappeared for a time and started rumors that they had been killed and someone else led the Blackdagger Bandits. The truth was more nefarious; the Red Wizard necromancer Kallos Tam had transformed them into undead in order to use them and their forces to attack the city of Neverwinter. However, Traven did not trust Kallos at all and decided to remain close to him to control his movements.[1]

The Harpers discovered the plot and recruited an adventurer to destroy the bandits, so the adventurer infiltrated the bandits' stronghold of Cragmire Keep and fought and defeated Malus first. After this, the adventurer found Kallos and Traven in a dungeon and killed them both.[1]



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