Treatise Against Blood-Metal was a book written by the sage Fairin Icemantle in the 7th century DR.[1][2]

In this treatise, Fairin expressed his reservations about orcslayer blades, whose steel was poisonous to orcs. He feared that they would lead to the development of other alloys toxic to many races, and spread death and destruction.[1]

It also discussed the dwarven attack on the orc kingdom of Vastar in the Year of the Spellfire, 610 DR, in which the dwarves wielded the new orcslayer blades. This provided the only firsthand account of the conflict to later generations. Fairin described the dwarven slaughter of the orcs, saying that they had "run in waist-high riot across the land".[1]

Copies of the Treatise Against Blood-Metal remained in libraries in Cormyr, Sembia and Waterdeep by 1370 DR, and possibly within the ruins of Myth Drannor.[1] A copy could be found in the War Library of the Abbey of the Sword, a temple to Tempus in Battledale, around 1372 DR.[2] The original work was kept at Candlekeep.[3]


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