Tren Noemfor was a fighter and the Zhent-appointed constable of Dagger Falls from 1353 DR until around 1368 DR.


Tren was an ex-adventurer of Daggerdale whom the Zhentarim appointed as constable of Dagger Falls in order to maintain the facade of a free and legitimate government in the dale. Tren was a cruel but not stupid governor of the city. He fought the Freedom Riders and all the partisans supporting Randal Morn but did not often authorize raids against innocent people not involved in the war.

His downfall probably began in 1367 DR when the cleric of Cyric Eragyn resurrected Colderan Morn. In order to rule the dale himself, Colderan spread a magical illness that affected everyone, both Zhents and those loyal to Randal, in the same manner.[1]

Finally, an adventuring band resolved the situation but Tren's actions were not appreciated in Zhentil Keep. In 1368 DR, there was another constable in town, Guthbert Golthammer. Some rumors said that Tren was demoted and transferred to a far and isolated Zhent outpost.[citation needed]




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