The Tresendar Family was a royal family that used to live in a manor in Phandalin before the orc raids of Uruth Ukrypt wiped out the town and laid waste to the settlement in 951 DR. The manor, along with the whole town was abandoned during that time. Most of the members of the Tresendar Family were buried in the crypt below the manor. Sometime after the Spellplague, some members of the family had risen as undead defending the cellars of Tresendar Manor.[1]

Notable MembersEdit

One notable member of the Tresendar Family was Aldith Tresendar, who was also known as the "Black Hawk". Sir Aldith was a great knight who died fighting the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt during their rampages on the town in 951 DR. The orcs found the hidden caverns under Tresendar Manor, and Sir Aldith fought them there. Aldith carried with him a magical blade in a silver-chased scabbard that was inscribed with the name "Talon". The hilt of the blade was shaped into a majestic bird with its wings stretched out wide. Talon was lost in the caverns under the manor until a nothic found the blade.[1]


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