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A triceratops (ytepka in the Chultan language[4]) was a gargantuan, herbivorous, herd dinosaur.[2]


These massive dinosaurs had a bony plate on their six-foot-long skull for defense, with two long horns on the top and a shorter horn at the nose. Their bodies extended for about 25 feet (7.6 kilometers), and they weighed around ten tons (nine metric tons).[2]


Triceratops had especially short tempers for herbivores, and would charge, trample, and skewer any creature invading their territory.[2] When defending their young, they were intelligent enough to form a circle around them, horns facing outwards.[3]


A triceratops could trample creatures smaller than it; it would gore anything else.[2]


In Chult, where these dinosaurs were common, there was a secret society, the triceratops society, named after them, known for leaving iron triceratops figurines as signs of warning.[4]


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