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The Triceratops Society (or Ytepka, Chultan for "triceratops") was a secret society dedicated to the protection of Chult from foreigners.


There were 99 degrees of membership in the society. The oldest Tabaxi were of the highest degree and led the group. It was rumored that one of the barae headed the society, but there was no evidence to support this claim.


The Ytepka carefully monitored all happenings in Chult. Their task was to ensure that the natural and social order of Chult was not upset. If the Society noticed a potential problem, they would leave an iron triceratops figurine at the home or abode of the individual about to commit the wrong. If the marked person ignored the symbolic warning, the Triceratops Society would take punitive action. This punishment was most often a fine of some sort, but physical punishment or even death might also be enacted if the crime were severe enough.


The group consisted mainly of warriors. Two or three members were likely to be found in every port and village around the country, and they maintained an efficient communication network with each other.


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