Trillimac was a fungus that grew in the Underdark.[1]


Trillimac stalks reached a height of 4–5 ft (1.2–1.5 m) and were a light gray color capped with a wide, flat gray-green hood.[1]


The stems of the trillimac made a bread-like food once they were cleaned off, soaked in water for one hour, and then allowed to dry. A single stalk prepared this way yielded about 7 to 10 pounds (2.3 to 4.5 kilograms) of food.[1]

The cap had a leathery texture that held inks and dyes well. After it was cut and cleaned, the cap of a trillimac could be used to make a map or a scroll. It was also just tough and flexible enough to be made into a hat, but was not appropriate for things that would suffer wear and tear.[1]


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