Trollbridge was a small village near the High Forest. North of it lay the Evermoor Way and the Dessarin with the Dead Horse Ford. Less than two days' march from it lay the Drygully Tunnel, an entrance to the Underdark. Through this raiding parties of drow came to the World Above to threaten the inhabitants of the small village.[1]


A wooden palisade surrounded the village to protect it from raiders. [1]


In 1361 DR, Fyodor and Liriel Baenre passed through the village to obtain supplies after emerging from the Underdark.[2]

In the same year, the village was said to have been attacked by a drow female who had ensorcelled a swordsman. If the story was true, it may have been Quenthel Baenre in her pursuit of Liriel Baenre.[3]

Notable locationsEdit

The only inn of Trollbridge was the Steaming Kettle, run by Saida in 1361 DR. The inn itself resembled a barn with stone walls and narrow windows. The inn served meals of dark ale and steamed grain porridge.[4]




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