The Trunadar (also seen as Trunalor[1]), or star people, were a tribe of wild elves who lived within the Forest of Amtar in northern Dambrath.[2]


The star people despised the drow and Crinti who dominated the country of Dambrath. The Dambraii sometimes hunted the Trunadar[3][4] and the star people would occasionally raid logging camps near Elveswatch and other settlements.[1][2]


For over 300 years the Trunalor were led by Ferla Treerunner, until at least the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR.[2] Their numbers hovered around 500 wild elves, causing them to chose their battles carefully to avoid unnecessary risk. Raiding parties of Trunalor would not attack an outside group found within the Forest of Amtar if that group had a full-blooded elf with them.[1]



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