Tsao Ho was a sohei adventurer in Shou Lung.[1]


Tsao Ho born as son of a noble of the Sheng Ti province of Shou Lung and made a quickly career in the army, leading many bushi.

However Ho's father started plotting against the Emperor and Tsao, divide between loyalty to his family and to his country, decided to sought refuge in the Sheng-Ti monastery known as "The Sanctuary" in the city of Hsi-Feng.

There he joined the sohei's ranks, his family was so shocked to stop their rebellious plans.

After that episode Ho was considered a loyal follower of the Emperor. He was chosen to accompany Deng Tse Chin in his two-year voyage.

In 1358 DR, Deng decided to attent the Komite.[2]


Behind the scenesEdit

Tsao Ho was a pre-generated PC for use in adventures in Shou Lung. In the plot of the adventure he was the second choice as relative of the Emperor.


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