Tsaparang Fortress, or Tsa Parang, was an ancient fortress located in the Endless Wastes.[2]


Tsaparang Fortress was an old fortress built sometime during the age of the Kingdom of Guge by a race of half-elves known as the Maviddi in order to combat the growing power of that kingdom. While the Maviddi were unable to defeat Guge outright, Guge was unable to take the fortress for some time.[2]

Eventually however, the warriors of Guge breached the fortress, slaughtering all the defenders inside except a few children, and leaving the bodies of the slain left to rot unburied. Those who fled the fortress were scattered across the Katakoro Plateau.[2]

Afterwards, Guge looted the fortress, taking all its treasures and even chiseling out the better stonework.[2]

Since then, the ruins were haunted by the ghosts of the fallen defenders, who attacked anyone without Maviddi blood who tried to enter the ruins. Because of this, most people outright avoided the ruins, while those that did enter didn't stay long.[2]


The fortress was carved directly from the rock of the mountain it sat in, gates, battlements, and towers included, and the inside of the mountain was filled with tunnels and chambers, many having windows and arrow slits to the outside.[2]

The walls and stone of the fort were covered in frescoes, and the rooms and windows of the fortress were carved to allow light and air to move through the entire complex. The towers and battlements, despite their strength, were designed to appear as light as possible.[2]

Due to factors such as monsters, wind, and rain, the fortress was crumbling and in ruins, with entire sections having caved in.[2]


Notes Edit

Tsaparang fortress was likely named after Tsaparang, a former capital city of the real world kingdom of Guge.


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