Tsenya Garbo was the Holy Leader of Ra-Khati, also called the Dalai Lama, during the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Though he was well over one hundred years old, Tsenya appeared to be in his 50's.[1]


Tsenya was a good-hearted, fearless man who placed Ra-Khati's safety above all else. This also made him a bit shortsighted.[1]

He disliked magic-users who caused harm to others.[1]


Tsenya Garbo served as the Dalai Lama for over a century, acting as Ra-Khati's ruler and spiritual guide.[1]


As an advanced cleric and monk, Tsenya knew a wide variety of spells. He was well-trained in the martial arts. Tsenya could focus his ki into powers including resisting magic, preventing himself from getting hurt if falling from great distances, and even reading minds.[1]


Princess Bhrokiti was the daughter of the Dalai Lama.[1]



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