Tsuga Mosuke was a Hengeyokai retainer of the Funada clan in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


He had several little birdlike mannerisms that marked his heritage.[1]


Mosuke was adopted by Tsuga clan as a child (in honor of services rendered by his real family). He become the pillar of the Tsuga family.[1] In 1357 Ueda Teishi, a supported of Goshukara clan in verge to being exiled from Nakamaru, became convicted that Mosuke was the head of his enemies that had caused his misfortunes. So with help of Kidera Takeshi, that was in life-debt with his dead father, Teishi targeted Mosuke for death[2]


Mosuke was a concentrate of qualities. He was a model of filial piety and all of his action were directed towards increasing the honor of his family.[1] He was a strong supporter of Funada Toyoo[2]



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