Tu'uua'col was a dukar of the Order of Kupav.


Born in 1313 DR[2], Tu'uua'col was trained as a dukar by Qos and others within Qatoris. He was sent as secret agent to surrounding merfolk territories. Around 1349 DR he managed to save the life of Vhaemas against a pod of sharks and sahuagin. Despite objections from king Ator IX and of the court, Vhaemas and Tu'uua'col became blood brothers and the shalarin acted as an adviser for Vhaemas and wizard tutor for the many royal princelings.[1]

During the Twelfth Serôs War Tu'uua'col was one of the key players in the forging of the Nantarn Alliance in marpenoth in 1369 DR. It was here that he finally revealed his allegiance to the lost dukars.[3]


Tu'uua'col was a man of word. Above all, he held the vows he had forged with Vhaemas and with his dukar leader Gayar with the utmost importance. He wanted merfoks to be able to use wizard magic. Col always kept an eye on Arina, whom he considered to be the Chosen Star as Qos prophesied and a key component in restoring the lost Order of Jhimari.[2]


Col considered Vhaemas his best friend.[2]



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