Tualo, usually known as Tualo the Bright, was a wizard living in Neverwinter in 1484 DR.

He was interested in studying the effects of the Spellplague. Tualo met and befriended an elven wizard, Rhazzad, who had the same interest. Unfortunately, Rhazzad had a vicious plan in mind and used Tualo as a pawn. Rhazzad gave Tualo a magic scroll but tricked the human, and when Tualo read it out loud the spell opened a portal to the Far Realm. The entities of that dimension killed Tualo and escaped. The portal was closed only when an adventurer sent by Sergeant Knox arrived at Tualo's house in order to question him about Rhazzad, who had come under the Watch's scrutiny for his suspect actions. Thank to Tualo's assistant and some letters, the adventurer discovered the dealings between Rhazzad and Tualo.[1]




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