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The Tuigan were humans from Taan, also known as the Endless Wastes, the vast steppes that stretched between Faerûn and Kara-Tur.


In 1358 DR, the Tuigan tribes united under Horselord Yamun Khahan. Under his banner they invaded the nations of Semphar, Khazari, Shou Lung, Thay, Rashemen, and Thesk. They were defeated at Phsant in 1360 DR by King Azoun IV of Cormyr leading an alliance of nations throughout Faerûn.[1]


Tuigans had yellowish-bronze skin with black hair and broad, flat features.[2]


The Tuigan were organized by tribes. The name "Tuigan" was actually the name of one of the major tribes. They were closely related to the inhabitants of Kara-Tur. The tribes spoke Tuigan and used the Thorass alphabet. Tuigans could also be found in Semphar, Thay, Thesk, Narfell, and Rashemen.[2]

In summer, Tuigan men enjoyed hunting snow-beasts in the mountains.[3]

The Tuigan mostly ate meat, and vegetables were almost unknown among them. Kumiss was a common alcoholic beverage. Many in Faerûn falsely believed that Tuigans ate insects.[3]

The Tuigan had an open feud with the Fankiang and were on friendly terms with the Naican and Gur tribes of the Wastes.[4]


Behind the scenesEdit

Tuigans are modeled after the Mongols.


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