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Tuigan was the language of the Tuigan tribe of the Hordelands.[1]


Tuigan had harsh consonant sounds, and the sound of L was heavily aspirated. Its grammar had a subject–object–verb order.[2]


This tongue was spoken primarily by the nomadic Tuigan tribe.[3]


While most of the Tuigan did not remember it, Tuigan originally used the Imaskari alphabet.[4] By 1372 DR, some of the tribesmembers had taken to using the Thorass alphabet instead,[1][5] which had been introduced by traders passing through the Hordelands on the Golden Way toward Kara-Tur.[6]


Scholars classified Tuigan as one of the Southern Imaskari languages,[4] which evolved from the Roushoum language.[1] It was strongly influenced by the Muhjuri language.[3]



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