Tulrun's Tent was a magical dwelling found in the Cold Wood.[2]


From the outside, it looked like a colorful silk tent perched on top a plain wooden platform held on five thin wooden legs about 30 ft (9.14 m) up. While it could walk, the tent often flew when requested by Tulrun.[2]

Description Edit

Wanderers entering the tent became lost in an extradimensional labyrinth of stairs, rooms and corridors composed of glowing white mist. Tulrun was using several detection spells to understand the real intentions of the intruders.[1]

Inhabitants Edit

Tulrun preferred to stay alone to create new spells, but occasionally intervened in aid of needy adventurers. He was an expert in creating constructs, including three beautiful servants which had beautiful female likenesses, but really were realistic constructs. Caere, Elsara and Tionele. Despite they were similar to flesh golem, they hadn't the same tendency to go berserk during fights. Tulrun planned a system to establish a means to link all three of his creations to himself as if they were familiars. Tulrun truly cared for these three marvelous constructs, so much that he would have done anything to spare them any suffering.[1]


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