Tunfer the Stout was a male human cleric who resided in Dagger Falls and advised Lord Randal Morn.[1][2]


As an experienced cleric, Tunfer could pray for spells capable of raising the dead, if needed.[1]


Besides his duties as a priest of Tyr at the Temple of Tyr in Dagger Falls, Tunfer would also counsel Lord Randal Morn.[1][3] During the occupation of Daggerdale by the Zhents, Tunfer displayed talent with the healing arts and would regularly tend to wounded soldiers.[2]


By 1368 DR, Tunfer the Stout was a firm ally of Randal Morn and worked as a trusted advisor to the Lord. The priest of Tyr would help the wounded freedom fighters of Daggerdale that still fought against the dale's Zhent rulership.[2]

After Randal Morn had reclaimed Dagger Falls and assumed his place as its ruler once again, Tunfer the Stout eventually became a resident of the town. In 1372 DR, Tunfer was arguably the most experienced cleric in Dagger Falls and was still one of Randal Morn's closest counselors.[1][3]


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