Turelve was a large city in Durpar in the Shining Lands in 1367 DR.[1]


Situated at the mouth of the River Ssarren on the west end of the Golden Water, Turelve was a major launching point for caravans heading north or west out of Durpar. Its close proximity to Veldorn made this a dangerous place to live.[1]


Turelve was home to 30,000 residents, making it one of the larger cities within the Shining Lands.[1]


In order to guard against threats from Veldorn, Turelve maintained a force of 2,000 horsemen—the largest standing force for any city in Durpar. In addition to the horsemen, many halfling slingers manned the city walls. Caravans taxes were used to pay for many of these soldiers in return for a guarded escort well beyond the city. Though many grumbled about the tax, most caravan masters saw the wisdom of paying it.[1]



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