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Tuth was a member of the Shield Council of the Knights of the Shield in 1370 DR.[1]


Tuth in his early days was an adventurer on the Sword Coast, sacking temples at the bidding of enemy churches. At last, Tuth managed to kill a green dragon and seized its hoard (although he only poisoned the dragon in its sleep).

Tuth invested the hoard in business and gained even more money, enough to join the Knights of the Shield. However, he heavily invested in the colony of Fort Flame in Maztica, losing a great deal of money as a result. It was only with the Knights' support that he avoided bankruptcy.

Tuth was invited to join the Shield Council, but for an evil purpose. Hhune and Ghauntz intended to use Tuth as a scapegoat before the council, blaming him for any major and noticeable deeds ordered by the Hidden Lord[1]



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