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Twilight Falling is the first book in the The Erevis Cale Trilogy by Paul S. Kemp.

The shadows grow long on the mean streets of Selgaunt. The sun sets on one man’s service to Sembia’s merchant lords. The day’s end finds Erevis Cale serving a new master, one who is beyond the petty accumulation of wealth.

After all, what is gold to one who trades in souls?

Erevis Cale OriginsEdit

Resurrection (short story) Edit

Part of the book The Halls of Stormweather, it introduces Erevis Cale.

Shadow's Witness Edit

Second book of the Sembia: Gateway to the Realms series, continuing the story of Erevis Cale, started in "Resurrection".

Soulbound (short story) Edit

Part of the anthology Realms of the Dragons, it has been collected in the Erevis Cale trilogy Omnibus.


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