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The Twin Towers of the Eternal Eclipse were a pair of towers hidden high in the Small Teeth mountains, one on each side of the Trade Way.[1]


The towers were about 5 mi (8 km) apart, deep in the highest peaks of the Small Teeth Mountains between Amn and Muranndin. The towers were almost completely obscured from view, even from above.[1]


Each tower was five stories tall and they were connected by a twisting underground passage.[1]


As of 1370 DR, Blackwill Haarken Akhmelere was in charge of the church of Cyric congregation.[2]


Originally temples dedicated to Bane, cyricists conquered the towers in 1362 DR and rededicated them to the worship of Cyric[3].

In 1373 DR The Sojourner destroyed the western tower to get at the magical granite it was made out of[4].

During the Rage of Dragons, Iryklathagra badly damaged the eastern tower[5] but on Uktar 13 of the same year, Akhmelere used the Golden Lamp of Samesaj to rebuild the western tower and repair the eastern tower[6]

On Flamerule 12 of 1374 DR, after a fifty day siege, the Army of Three Stars successfully conquered the western tower, handing it over to cyricist members of the crusade[7].

One of the towers was stolen by Mask and moved first to the Wayrock, then to the Shadowfell. The assassin and priest of Mask Drasek Riven became its sole inhabitant.[citation needed]


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