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A two-bladed sword, or double-sword, was an exotic, two-handed melee weapon that could be used as a double weapon.[1][2]


The two-bladed sword was approximately the same length as a greatsword or a quarterstaff but had two short sword-sized blades at each end.

A typical two-bladed sword weighed 10 lbs. (4.5 kg).[1]

Cost & availabilityEdit

An average two-bladed sword cost 100 gp.[1]


It took special training to wield a two-bladed sword effectively, and therefore it was viewed as an exotic weapon. The two-bladed sword was a double weapon that could be used as if fighting with two separate weapons and was wielded two-handed if used so.[1]

Notable two-bladed swordsEdit

A double-sword was wielded by the centaur hero Timoth Eyesbright around 1357 DR.[2] Notably, this distinctive weapon was also extendable, the blades extending from the size of daggers to full-length swords when the weapon was whirled around.[3][4]


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