Two Llamas Running was a female tabaxi swashbuckler imprisoned by the evil barber Jooge Nopsmoth in Silverymoon.[1]


Two Llamas had tan fur with gray stripes.[1]


Being a tabaxi, Two Llamas could use her claws in combat, but preferred to fight wielding a dagger or rapier.[1]


Intrigued by her peculiar fur, Jooge Nopsmoth lured Two Llamas into his barbershop, intending to kill her. However, the tabaxi was not affected by the barber's magical mind-wiping blow-dryer. His modus operandi interrupted, Jooge opted instead for imprisoning Two Llamas in a thirty-foot-deep oubliette, with the hope of harvesting her remains for magical reagents.[1]

Two Llamas may have been freed by a group of adventurers.[1]



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