Tyche (pronounced TIE-key [1]) was the original goddess of fortune. An ancient goddess, she was split into Tymora (goddess of good luck) and Beshaba (goddess of misfortune) before the rising of the Standing Stone (1 DR).

Dogma Edit

Tyche’s faith taught that one should be bold, for to dare was to live. The battle cry of the followers of Tyche was “Fortune favors the bold.” Those who had no direction or goals soon encountered ill luck, for those on no set course were at the capricious mercy of misfortune, which was no mercy at all. A brave heart and willingness to take risks beat out a carefully wrought plan nine times out of ten. One had to place oneself in the hands of fate (meaning in the hands of Tyche) and trust to one’s own luck, and priests of Tyche were supposed to be showing their good fortune—and acceptance of bad fortune—as a confidence in the Lady and in themselves. Lady Fate bid that each mortal chase his or her own unique goals—so long as they didn’t counter the express wishes of herself—and it was in this chase that the Lady aided her followers.


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